Is the year lost? Does it matter? Does anything even matter? I’m sure you’ve been involved in conversations with people asking these same questions lately. There are so many people describing 2020 as a year lost. Plans canceled, time shifting, events postponed. …

Doing our part as a family to adjust

This is really hard. Not just trying-to-think-of-the-last-time-a-whole episode-of-Saturday-Night-Live-was-good hard. Not just trying-to-remember-the-last-time-a-Drake-song-was-fire-except-as-a-viral-Tik-Tok-dance-craze hard. Not just trying-to-have-just-one-more-bite-and-then-realizing-you-ate-all-the-damn-ice-cream hard.

It’s a whole different kind of hard.

Often when I’m dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression, I try to write. I try to put the things in my head down on paper. My…

Chilling at the Lake Arrowhead during the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Transportation Conference

Habari Gani?


Today after a long day of travel it was great to center myself with my family and talking about what Nia, or purpose, means to us.

Tamika Butler

Tamika L. Butler, Esq. is a land use, equity, environmental and social and racial justice advocate. She is the Principal at Tamika L. Butler Consulting.

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